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  Our goal is to provide high quality legal services, to resolve claims in a fair manner.  We do so thoroughly and diligently.

  We work hard to earn your trust and confidence.

   We work on a contingency basis.  When a case is finished, attorney's fees are one-third of the total recovery.  During the course of a case, we pay the costs of the case.  The costs can include charges for copies of medical records, filing fees, service of process, deposition costs, expert witnesses, etc.  When a case is finished, we are usually repaid from the proceeds in the amount of the costs expended.

  We believe it is very important for a person who has been injured to keep his or her doctors and lawyers fully and honestly informed as to the progress of the healing process.  Good doctors will document the extent of the injuries and the process of healing.  It is important for the injured parties to relate all relevant information regarding the case to the attorneys, including information about therapy, prescriptions, time off from work, etc.

  When the time is right and the case is properly prepared, we steadfastly and resolutely work to reach a settlement.  When necessary, we litigate.  When we litigate, we litigate to win.

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  We do cases in the legal field of Torts.  These can include the following:

 Car Collisions.  These are the most common type of tort case our clients have had.  We have done hundreds of car crash cases.  We are very familiar with the rules of the road for automobiles in the State of Washington.  Our extensive experience in this field helps you to achieve the maximum possible recovery.

Truck Collisions.  We have dealth with collisions involving trucks.  The injuries resulting from being hit by a truck can often be extremely severe.  We are prepared to thoroughly investigate, negotiate, and litigate cases involving crashes with trucks.

 Motorcycle Collisions.  The motorcycle rider is often vulnerable to more serious injuries than someone in a car.  We have been retained by motorcycle riders to work on their cases so we are ready to address the necessary issues regarding accidents involving motorcycles.

 Bicycle Collisions.  Some of our cases have involved bicycle riders who have been hit by cars.  We are familiar with the rules of the road regarding bicycles.  We have achieved significantly successful results with such cases and we are prepared to do more.

Pedestrian Collisions.  We have represented clients who were pedestrians who had been hit by motor vehicles.  We know the rules of the road regarding pedestrians and we are ready to help clients in those cases.

Slip And Fall Cases.  Where owners of premises have been negligent and people have been injured as a result, it is sometimes possible to obtain payment for the injured party's damages.  It can depend on the status of the injured person (as business invitee, social guest, or trespassor) and a number of other factors.  We have worked on many such cases and obtained successful results.

 Dog Bites.  When a dog bites someone, the owner is almost automatically responsible for the injuries.  The problem can be whether any insurance coverage exists (like homeowners insurance) or whether the dog owner has assets which can be obtained to compensate the injured person.  We have obtained significantly successful results in dog bite cases.

 Intentional Assaults.  Since insurance cannot cover intentional acts, it may be difficult to recover the money someone who assaulted you owes you.  Nonetheless, it may be possible in certain circumstances and we have been able to do so previously.

   We pay particular attention to the specific requirements of each type of case.  We have had successful experience in each of these types of cases.  Our experience can be useful to you if are in any similar situation. 


   Personal Injury cases can involve any type of injury.  We prepare thoroughly for each individual case and devote special attention to the types of injuries involved and the particular problems and consequences each type of injury brings.

  Injuries our clients have suffered have included the following:

Fractures.  Cases where the injured party has broken bones are perhaps the most obvious type of injury.  Where x-rays clearly show fractures, the extent of the damage is most obvious.

Brain Damage.  We have had cases where it appeared that accidents had resulted in brain injuries.  Such injuries can be difficult to prove.  The testimony of a neurologist may be necessary.

Sprains And Strains Of Various Parts Of The Body.  Most auto accidents requiring representation with an attorney involve sprains and strains - "soft tissue" injuries.  We have worked extensively with the victims of such injuries.  We have also worked extensively with health care providers who help to heal and cure such injuries.  Chiroprators in particular devote much of the professional attention to similar cases.  We have worked with many, many chiropractors.  We have also worked with massage therapists, physical therapists, acupunturists, herbal medicine healers, naturopaths, etc.

Lost Wages.  Often, injured people are unable to do their jobs temporarily or permanently.  When that happens, it becomes necessary to prove the extent of the lost wages.  This can be done using documents from employers and businesses such as tax records.  It is also necessary to have a doctor verify the incapacity with proper medical documentation.

Pain and suffering.  Victims of automobile collisions often have extensive pain.  The amount of compensation due may depend on the extent of the pain in different parts of the body, the intensity of the pain over time, and the duration of the pain.  Victims often experience difficulty sleeping as a a result of their injuries.  It can be a significant component in the scenario.  Along with most types of injuries involving pain and suffering, the mental anguish of the injured person is a compensable injury.  We are aware of the need for understanding of this and we are prepared to push steadily for the compensation our injured clients deserve.

  We work hard to press the responsible parties or their insurance companies to pay in full for all of the medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, emotional distress, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, inconvenience, etc.  each injury causes.