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Here are some of the testimonials people have given for Robert Kelly:

"My sincerest gratitude for your assistance and updates. I will let my father know of the progress, it will ease his mind greatly. We appreciate all you are doing."  Sue O. 

"Robert is a true advocate for his clients. He not only cares, but strives to achieve the best results for each client. He is a hardworker and always takes the time to listen to his clients. I have enjoyed working with Robert and look forward to continuing to work with him."  Brian C.

 "Robert Kelly handled an auto injury case for me a couple years ago. The sequelae of the accident were out of the norm, which made my case more difficult and more work for him. I expected a relatively small settlement, but despite this I never felt like my case was unimportant to him. Mr. Kelly was really diligent and thorough in dealing with it, and always responded to inquiries from me promptly. He was very knowledgeable about my options for venue/jurisdiction, and also pursuing mediation/arbitration. I was really nervous about having to face the opposing counsel (big insurance company lawyers.) Mr. Kelly prepared me well for it; I knew what to expect from them (both bad and good) and how to handle it. He is in touch with the nuances of the real world (so I was able to set realistic expectations and understand how it all works, theory aside) and he is honest and consistent with his communication. When I had to make decisions I never felt unguided, but I also never felt pressured.  I’m not sure that anyone in a personal injury case really feels “made whole” for any amount of money in the end. Maybe that’s why they call it “settling?” When it came to making the final decision, though, I was comfortable with it. And when the money actually came through it was as expected – probably because the terms were always clear, and when considering a settlement amount I was presented with a breakdown of how that would be divided (attorney’s fees, reimbursement to my insurance for what they’d paid, etc…)  So, I highly recommend Mr. Kelly. I hope to never need to refer friends or family to him, but if I do at least they'll be in good hands."  Alicia B.

"Robert was detailed-orientated and meticuluous. His analysis of the law was complete and thoughtful."  Cheyanna J.

“Robert D. Kelly is a dedicated attorney. As a manager, he is patient, diligent, and professional. He takes special consideration for the needs of each client. Robert Kelly exudes a quiet confidence that makes him a successful attorney.”  Danielle R.

 “Robert works hard on projects and takes on challenging legal matters with great care and enthusiasm."  Karen Z.


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